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Channeling my Inner Jackie O

Hey, guys! How is everyone doing today? Are you enjoying this warm summer weather? I know I am! I love it hot. I prefer it to be about 90 degrees out.

One thing that comes with warm weather is cute, summer dresses like this yellow, polka dot one. With matching shoes, this outfit couldn’t get any more adorable. It’s classy and ladylike, but the fun color and print keeps things from looking too boring.

This look is definitely sixties inspired. I just love the sixties! I’m always inspired by the ever-so-polished style of Jackie Kennedy. In fact, this outfit reminds me of the yellow gingham dress she wore here:

Jackie always looked darling and always kept her class. She’s a huge role model for me! Here are several more looks that I adore:

If I could manage to obtain just half the strength, style, and grace that she had, I would be flying high! Jackie is a role model that Americans will look up to for years to come. Her strong persona helped carry the nation through a very rough time in our history. For that strength, she will be admired forever!


Tay ❤

Scripture of the Day:

Romans 12:21 (KJV)

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.


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